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December 20, 2020 in Allgemein, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

Dear club members, friends and interested people,


an unusual year is behind us all. In Germany and all over the world. The Corona Pandemic has turned all plans upside down, whether in the private or professional environment, or at HITA e. V. . Our working trip at the turn of the year was the unique opportunity to work together with our partners in the Volta region/Ghana to achieve our goals locally. In addition to setting up several computer workrooms, so-called computer labs, we were able to initiate a school partnership in the city of Ho (Volta-region/Ghana), as well as providing direct assistance in the form of hospital equipment and distributing school supplies to schoolgirls from needy families.


Also around the turn of last year, we were able to organize a video conference from the Ghanaian hinterland with a university in Germany. A concept that is promising and that HITA e. V. would like to intensify in the coming period: The exchange between learners, teachers and experts from different parts of the world and the joint work on projects for the use of modern communication and IT possibilities for the sustainable improvement of health care in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.


In Ghana, Covid-19 has shown above all effects on public and social life. In addition to the spread of false information, the population has felt, among other things, an increase in the price of hygiene products. Thus HITA e. V. in one of the many videoconferences with partners in Ghana reported that young women in particular are suffering from the price explosion. Pupils of the HITA partner school “Mawuko Girls Senior High School” are thus restricted in their freedom especially during their period. HITA members have provided a small direct help for these students by means of privately sent hygiene packages. To the delight of the donors, the parcels arrived reliably in Ghana. Information about Covid-19 in Ghana can be found on our homepage .


Due to the Corona situation, but also due to personal challenges among the active HITA members, it was not possible to tackle as many projects and initiatives this year as originally planned. All the more important is the confidence to envisage larger, long-term and sustainable actions again in the coming year.


The HITA Executive Board is looking forward to your cooperation. Whether in the area of project management, communication or the search for further funding opportunities – everyone can get involved.


hita kalender 2021 screenshot2


HITA – Calendar 2021
Here you will find a calendar for the year 2021: HITA – Calendar. On this calendar you can find both the German and the Ghanaian holidays. If a printout from your local printer is not enough for you, you can order one or more large stable copies of the calendar at home: At the cost of approx. 6 Euro for shipping is added 2 € per calendar copy: we will gladly send you a shipment with calendars (DinA 1 format) for an expense allowance of 16 €. Please contact Daniel Gerlach (daniel. gerlach@hita-ev. org). Short-term enquiries will be sent by 28. 12. , so that the calendars reach you as far as possible by the turn of the year.


HITA – Christmas Gifts
Are you still looking for a meaningful Christmas gift? Give your loved ones a meaningful gift together with HITA e. V. Whether a donation for a hygiene package to our partner school, a donation for the equipment of an IT workstation at a partner school in Africa or a HITA membership, you can give joy several times over – even “last minute”. Take advantage of the opportunities and register by 12/23. at HITA e. V. and you will receive your certificate by 12/24. emailed to you! Christmas gifts: IT-Package  -  Hygiene-Package  -  Membership


. . . and also, if you buy gifts elsewhere, you can buy HITA e. V. support. Search your online retailer for Healthcare IT for Africa e. V, um HITA e. V. to provide support of 0. 5% of your turnover through the AmazonSmiles program. And this without any additional effort or cost for you. Thank you. Here’s how it works:
We wish you and your families a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2021. Stay healthy and confident.


Your HITA e. V. Board of Directors.
Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßmann, Günther Michels, Karsten Gareis, Daniel Gerlach


Only together we can make it!


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Christmas presents after Christmas: HITA will equip more schools

December 17, 2019 in Ghana, Partner, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

HITA-Working trip to Ho from 27th of December 2019 till 12th of January 2020 - As in previous years, members of the association will travel to Ho and the Volta Region to equip seven schools with computer labs and networks. Our second container with high-quality technical and medical equipment or donations such as 80 school backpacks is currently on the way to Accra in Ghana. The two teachers Rachida Aouad and Petra Knott from the Carlo Mierendorff School in Frankfurt, the HITA board members Karsten Gareis, Daniel Gerlach Thomas Erkert and our two IT technicians Christoph Welge and Leonhard Dittmann will donate their time and vacation days to support HITA e. V. and the students and teachers in Ghana. Our activities at the turn of the year will have various focuses. So we will this time:

>>>    Setting up another computer lab at the School for Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM) at the University of Ho for Applied Sciences (UHAS)

>>>    Signing of cooperation declaration between Carlo Mierendorff School, HITA e. V. and Mawuko Girls’ Senior High School

>>>    Installation of a computer lab with 40 computers at Mawuko Girls’ Senior High School

>>>    Handing over of donations from pupils of the Carlo-Mierendorff School to the Springs School in Ho

>>>    Installation of two more computer labs at OLA Girls’ Senior High School and Mawuli High School

>>>    Handing over of 80 backpacks to disadvantaged pupils in the Adaklu community

>>>    Equipping smaller schools in Adaklu and HASU with PCs

>>>    Equip various facilities with medical-technical devices, collected medicines and important furnish like hospital beds, loungers, etc.

You can certainly imagine that your fellow travellers will hardly be bored during the two weeks. We’ve set ourselves a lot of goals. All this is only possible due to your support! We hope that you will continue to help us in the future so that we can implement our projects. We are also pleased about urgently needed further members and sponsors, about donations in kind and cooperation. Follow our work at (on you get the English version). We also put interviews and audio podcasts from Germany and Ghana on HITA Radio at online. Before we left, we recorded a conversation with chairman Thomas Erkert, in which he explained the exact procedures of the trip, introduced the schools and also expressed a big thank you to all supporters and participants.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!

The Board of Healthcare Information Technology for Africa e.V.

Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßmann and Günther Michels


HITA receives award together with Carlo Mierendorff School

October 28, 2019 in Institutionen, Konferenz, Partner, Verein by guenther_michels


Award ceremony Hessische Umweltschule – 22. The award ceremony for the schools which were awarded the title “Hessische Umweltschulen”; for the school years 2017/18 and 2018/19 took place in Großkrotzenburg on October 1, 2010. The joint project between the Carlo Mierendorff School (CMS) in Frankfurt and HITA won a prize awarded by State Secretary Beatrix Tappeser of the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (HMUKLV) and Ministerial Director Jörg Meyer-Scholten of the Hessian Ministry of Culture (HKM) to representatives of the CMS and HITA. The teachers and HITA members Petra Knott and Rachida Aouad were on site as project coordinators of the Carlo Mierendorff School with two pupils from the sixth grade, as well as Daniel Gerlach as representative of HITA. With joy and pride on the accomplished and honoured joint work, the five could accept the award. The team also informed other interested visitors with a stand and three billboards.





Enlargement of the HITA Executive Board

October 20, 2019 in Konferenz, Verein by guenther_michels

The 17th. In October, the HITA board was enlarged to five persons by the addition of two assessors at our general meeting. Daniel Gerlach and Karsten Gareis, HITA experts with many years of experience, are the new, additionally elected board members. Members of our HITA team were represented again this year with banners and information booth at the institute day of the Johner Institut in Konstanz.



In an interview with new board member Daniel Gerlach, we talked about his work at HITA and the projects in Ghana. In the podcast you will learn more about our innovative ideas, upcoming challenges and various opportunities to contribute.

Interviews with new board member Karsten Gareis can be found in podcasts here:

HITA Yearbook 2018

February 13, 2019 in Allgemein, Ghana, NGO, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

It is now fresh from the pressure and we can hold the beautiful work in our hands! Our yearbook of 2018 is ready and available for members, friends, supporters and interested parties.


The yearbook is designed in A4 format, consists of 58 pages and is equipped with 169 informative and beautiful pictures. The paper printed on glossy paper is bound in a hardcover cover. Last year’s projects have been extensively documented, from the shipment of our first container with technical equipment and high-quality medical equipment to the installation of the first campus WLAN in West Africa at the University of Health and Applied Science in Ho in the Volta region.


Our visits to Ghana are enlighteningly illustrated and presented in detail, and informative reports have been compiled. Compact and practical, the most important information at a glance with additional data on budget, expenses, planning dates and results on evaluations. We can show what has meanwhile been implemented in cooperation with many stakeholders from different countries. But there is still so much to do and we are only just starting our business.


There are many ways to support HITA, another is the purchase of our HITA Yearbook 2018. The extensive work can be purchased from us at a price of 55 euros. Since the copies are not produced in series, but are printed on order, resulting in printing costs of 52.97 euros. So there is not really any budget left to support more schools in Ghana. But we also offer a discount in combination with a membership and of course we look forward to every other donation. If you are interested in placing an order, send us an email to


Prices for the HITA Yearbook 2018

Unit price:                                                         55 Euros

Kombi with full membership:                         105 Euro    (instead of 115 Euro)

Combi with reduced membership:                  80 Euro     (instead of 90 Euro)

Combi with sponsoring membership:            300 Euro    (instead of 310 Euro)

Unsere Kontaktdaten

Unsere Kontaktdaten

New crowdfunding campaign started

September 24, 2018 in Allgemein, NGO, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels


crowdfunding-3158320_1280We have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the WeCanHelp platform for our NGO. There is also the possibility to shop at 1719 online shops of companies and thus to donate a percentage of the purchase sum to HITA at no extra cost. In addition, WeCanHelp offers the option of accepting small donations of 5 Euros per CHARITY SMS. The WeCanHelp platform supports 11142 other social and non-profit institutions, associations and institutions in this innovative way. The donation contribution will be passed on to 100%. The payment methods “Sofort”, “Sepa Direct Debit”, “PayPal”, “MasterCard” and “Visa” are accepted. There is no registration necessary. Further information on our profile page at WeCanHelp: The page for a direct donation to the crowdfunding campaign looks like this below, by clicking on the picture you get to the linked website (it´s in German).


WeCanHelp additionally supports HITA e.V. and increases every first charge of a permanent donation of between 10 € and 250 € with the support of the “Bildungsspender” foundation by 10% !!!


Terms and conditions for the increase: WeCanHelp increases every first direct debit of 10 to 250 euros by 10%. Example: On the first debit of a donation over 100 Euro WeCanHelp packs 10 Euro on top. Permanent donations are collected monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually by direct debit and can be terminated at any time. Donors can be any private person or company. The action is supported by the Stiftung Bildungsspender foundation. More details at WeCanHelp.

Limitations on the increase: Permanent donations from a private individual or company to the same institution will be increased by a maximum of 25 euros, even if higher donations are divided into several individual donations. Charitable institutions are excluded as donors.

Help with a CHARITY SMS!

Charity_SMSWith WeCanHelp there is the possibility to send a small donation by charity SMS. Send an SMS with the content GIB5 478467002 to the number 81190 to support the HITA e.V. with a contribution of 5 Euro. The cost is 5.17 euros plus your tariff costs for SMS. WeCanHelp does not charge its own fee, but passes the amount received to 100%. Further information [here].

Donations through online shopping!

September 23, 2018 in Allgemein, NGO, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

Support us via online shopping at no extra cost !

At the donation platform WeCanHelp we keep our Crowdfunding Account, in addition you can also send contributions via the platform via Charity-SMS. Another innovative idea of ​​WeCanHelp is the ability to donate easily and at no additional cost by shopping online. WeCanHelp now has 1719 online shops of companies, agencies and portals. Among them are many well-known and frequently used providers – certainly also ones where you shop now and then. For example, Conrad, Die Bahn, Bonprix, Media Markt, Bü, Tripadvisor, Tchibo, Otto, Ebay, Expedia, Ikea,, Lufthansa, Verivox, Viking or C & A are part of the range. For the purchaser there are no additional costs. The respective companies pay a percentage of the purchase sum as a donation contribution via WeCanHelp to HITA. A total of 11142 other social institutions, associations and nonprofit organizations have been registered with the platform and more than € 7.41 million have already been collected.

How it works:

On our profilepage at WeCanHelp there is the opportunity to donate directly, but the main field is the networking with various companies that offer online shopping. The number of participating providers is increasing. If you now click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the picture with the title “Help with shopping”, you will come to the page shown below. The displayed photo is also linked to the page. Here you can find the most frequently used offers and can search for more. There are really a lot of people involved, check this page first before buying a product online from a supplier. There are no additional costs for you and there is no extra effort except for the additional clicks. For example, by booking train tickets, hotel rooms or air travel, purchasing books, flowers, clothes, furniture, office supplies or electrical appliances, donations go to HITA. So, anyway, you should plan on shopping at one of the vendors, do it through WeCanHelp, do something good and help us get our projects off the ground. Once you have found a shop, you get to the respective description page of WeCanHelp, where the processes are explained and how high the donation share is. >>> Link (it´s in German):


Information on the amount of the credit: The amount of the credit note shown is completely given to Healthcare Information Technologies for Africa e.V .. This corresponds to a share of 90% of the total credit we receive from the shop. 10% remain with us for cost recovery. Exempted from this are, in a few cases, parts of the shopping cart which we are not allowed to pass on according to the instructions of the shop. We endeavor to keep the stated values ​​up to date. Nevertheless, no liability can be derived from this. The decisive factor is the actual amount of credit we receive from the shop.

Small selection of frequently used providers:

The entire range of 1719 providers that can be donated to HITA e.V. can be found on the website: We have already linked a small selection of frequently used providers. By clicking on the listed logos you will get to the respective page at WeCanHelp with the detailed information.

bahn booking bücher conradebay expedia hotel hrs ikea lufthansa mediamarkt medpex mytoys officediscount otto ottooffice printus sportscheck tchibo thalia tripadvisor viking verivoxblumenbonprix ca cewe decathlon eduermo erstings jakoo lidl lufthansa zooplus hita_page3

Payment Methods:

Zahlungsmittel The donation contribution will be passed on to 100%. The payment methods “Immediate”, “Sepa Direct Debit”, “PayPal”, “MasterCard” and “Visa” are accepted. There is no registration necessary!

Help with a CHARITY SMS!

Charity_SMSWith WeCanHelp there is the possibility to send a small donation by charity SMS. Send an SMS with the content GIB5 478467002 to the number 81190 to support the HITA e.V. with a contribution of 5 Euro. The cost is 5.17 euros plus your tariff costs for SMS. WeCanHelp does not charge its own fee, but passes the amount received to 100%. Further information [here].

Christmas wishes and container shipment

December 21, 2017 in Allgemein, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

Ein Weihnachtsgeschenk in Großversion

„Heathcare Information Technology for Africa e.V.“ (HITA) bedankt sich bei allen Mitgliedern, Freunde und Unterstützer in diesem Jahr, sucht neue Mitwirkende und berichtet über die anstehende Containerverschiffung von hochwertigen medizinischen Geräten und Computern nach Tema in Ghana.

Die Verschiffung unseres ersten 40 Fuß Containers voller medizinischer Hilfsmittel und Computer steht am 17. Februar 2018 an, hier sind wir besonders stolz darauf, in einem derartigen Umfang wirksam sein zu können! Die Vorbereitungen sind natürlich bereits in vollem Gange und wir benötigen gerade jetzt Ihre Unterstützung, beispielsweise kann eine Mitgliedschaft bei HITA ein prima Weihnachtsgeschenk sein und dient einem guten Zweck.

Nach einer ausgiebigen Ghana-Reise von Vorsitzendem Thomas Erkert und HITA Experten Karsten Gareis im März 2017, konnten wir neue Partnerschaften mit der School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM) und der Universität in Ho in der Volta Region schließen. Dort werden nächstes Jahr Campus WLANs (Wireless Local Area Network) eingerichtet, also Funkzonen auf dem Universitätsgelände, in denen die Studenten per Smartphone, Tablet oder WLAN-fähigem Laptop auf das Internet zugreifen können. Außerdem wurden fünf Healthcare Center im Großraum Ho aufgesucht, um Bedarfsanalysen zu fehlendem medizinischen Equipment durchzuführen. Diese wurden mit Ärzten und Beteiligten ausführlich bearbeitet und verifiziert, entsprechend dieser Auswertungen konnten wir im Anschluss die Zusammenstellung unserer aktuellen Spendenaktion entwerfen. Zusätzlich stellen die gesammelten Daten die Grundlage für die Installation der Technik und den Aufbau der geplanten WLANs durch die HITA-Fachinformatiker Leonhard Dittmann und Shaun Beason im kommenden Frühling dar. Das Konzept mit den Intranets und WLANs ist eine innovative Idee, fast jeder verfügt dort zumindest über ein billiges aber mit allen Grundfunktionen ausgestattetes Smartphone. Oft fehlt es aber weit an jeglicher Infrastruktur, um derartige Systeme überhaupt einrichten zu können. HITA hilft und baut auf, wie und wo es eben nötig ist und dies bereits seit August 2011. Es ist aber abhängig von unserem Budget, ich welchem Ausmaß wir tätig sein können.

Professionelle Entwicklungshilfe in Ghana heißt für uns: HITA besteht aus einem Netzwerk an Akademikern, Professionellen, Experten und vielen Menschen, die uns einfach unterstützen wollen. Wir kennen durch unsere jahrzehntelange Präsenz vor Ort die vorherrschenden Probleme und waren 2010 Preisträger bei der Auszeichnung „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“. Wir arbeiten mit dem Ministerium in Ghana und mit Universitäten und Fachschulen in Deutschland und vor Ort zusammen, um Bedarfe zu erkennen und dementsprechend darauf reagieren zu können. Wir führen gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern vor Ort genau deshalb explorative Studien durch, um diese Bedarfe verifizieren zu können. Darüber hinaus führen wir Experteninterviews und empirische Befragungen durch, um unsere Hypothesen zu überprüfen bzw. Bedarfslagen zu erkennen. Im nächsten Schritt erarbeiten wir Lösungsvorschläge, die wir mit unseren Partnern in Ghana erproben und entsprechend anpassen. Unser Hauptziel ist das “enabling” unserer Partner vor Ort!

Wir suchen verstärkt weitere Mitwirkende und Unterstützung jeglicher Art: Geholfen werden kann auf vielseitige Weise, wir sind für die Umsetzung der Projekte auf Spendengelder angewiesen. Eine Mitgliedschaft ist eine kleine Jahressumme, hilft aber in der Gesamtzahl ungemein, um längerfristig planen zu können. Außerdem sind derartige Zuwendungen steuerlich absetzbar. Eine Mitgliedschaft kann man auch an jemanden verschenken.

In der aktuellen Spendenaktion werden hochwertige medizinische Hilfsmittel und Computer aus Deutschland nach Tema geschickt und dort an die Partnerinstitutionen von HITA verteilt. Damit auch alles wie geplant in die richtigen Hände gelangt, wenn der Container ankommt und die Einrichtung der Geräte und Systeme gewährleistet ist, werden HITA-Mitglieder bei der Verteilung und der Installation vor Ort sein. Wir organisieren eine Reise im März 2018 und bis dahin ist noch extrem viel zu tun. Helfen Sie uns dabei, mit einer Spende (, einer Mitgliedschaft ( oder mit Ihrer aktiven Unterstützung.

Wir wünschen Ihnen frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr 2018!


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Healthcare Information Technology for Africa e.V.
HITA e.V. –
Vorstand: Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßman, Günther Michels

Imageflyer: New HITA Brochure

August 7, 2017 in Allgemein, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

Informationstechnologien im Gesundheitswesen sich entwickelnder Länder?” wird mancher denken. Informationstechnologien in Ländern etablieren zu wollen, in denen sogar die Stromversorgung teilweise fehlt, hört sich tatsächlich nach einem geradezu absurden Vorhaben an. Und dennoch könnte genau diese Idee helfen, das Gesundheitswesen in Afrika zu verbessern. Unser Interesse gilt der Frage, wie man mit „adäquaten“ Technologien die Gesundheitsversorgung in sich entwickelnden Ländern unterstützen kann.

Grundlage dafür ist, dass die großen Telekommunikationsanbieter Länder wie Ghana inzwischen mit modernster Mobilfunktechnik ausgestattet haben, die eine Vielzahl von potentiellen Anwendungen ermöglicht. Mobilfunkschneisen sind nun auch in ländlichen Gegenden vergleichsweise schnell zu erreichen. Darauf aufbauend haben wir den Verein „HITA – Healthcare IT for Africa“ gegründet. Er soll in mehreren Schritten einen Beitrag zur Aus- und Fortbildung des Pflegepersonals und zur medizinischen Versorgung liefern.

Dabei erwächst unsere Motivation aus unserem Sinn für Chancengleichheit mit einem Schwerpunkt auf der Stärkung von Eigenverantwortlichkeit. Wir verschenken keine Almosen, sondern sehen unsere Rolle in der Ermöglichung selbstbestimmten Lernens und patientenorientierten Arbeitens. Am 5. Juli ging unser neuer Imageflyer mit dem vollständigen Text in den Druck und wurde sogleich am Konferenztag beim Johner Institut in Konstanz verteilt. Der Flyer steht für Vermittlungen, Unterstützungen und weiterführende Informierungen zum freien Download zur Verfügung.





Two Proposals for Horizon 2020

April 10, 2017 in Projekte, Proposal, Verein by guenther_michels

As mentioned before we have submitted two proposals in the framework of the HORIZON 2020 call of the European Commission ( Together with partners from 5 countries we have covered two topics: one in the area of „Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) prevention and management of mental disorders“ and another as an “Innovation Action” as an “International partnership building in low and middle income countries”. The first project proposal addresses mental health care in Ghana and Zambia – an area in which progress is desperately needed in view of the totally insufficient availability and quality of health care services for persons with mental disorders and the widespread total lack of awareness about causes and proper treatment of mental health issues such as depression and schizophrenia. In the framework of this call, we are “Exploring the role of ICT to implement mental health education for frontline health workers in Africa”. In a second call in the area of “Information and Technology”, we address “Smart Learning Solutions for Low-resource Environments”. In this call we propose to implement up to 20 so-called Campus W-LANs in up to 20 training institutions throughout Ghana. The proposals were submitted on 11 April and 25 April 2017, respectively, with evaluation results expected during July this year.

horizon-2020_1 Horizon2020 horizon-2020_1