Donations through online shopping!

September 23, 2018 in Allgemein, NGO, Projekte, Verein by guenther_michels

Support us via online shopping at no extra cost !

At the donation platform WeCanHelp we keep our Crowdfunding Account, in addition you can also send contributions via the platform via Charity-SMS. Another innovative idea of ​​WeCanHelp is the ability to donate easily and at no additional cost by shopping online. WeCanHelp now has 1719 online shops of companies, agencies and portals. Among them are many well-known and frequently used providers – certainly also ones where you shop now and then. For example, Conrad, Die Bahn, Bonprix, Media Markt, Bü, Tripadvisor, Tchibo, Otto, Ebay, Expedia, Ikea,, Lufthansa, Verivox, Viking or C & A are part of the range. For the purchaser there are no additional costs. The respective companies pay a percentage of the purchase sum as a donation contribution via WeCanHelp to HITA. A total of 11142 other social institutions, associations and nonprofit organizations have been registered with the platform and more than € 7.41 million have already been collected.

How it works:

On our profilepage at WeCanHelp there is the opportunity to donate directly, but the main field is the networking with various companies that offer online shopping. The number of participating providers is increasing. If you now click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the picture with the title “Help with shopping”, you will come to the page shown below. The displayed photo is also linked to the page. Here you can find the most frequently used offers and can search for more. There are really a lot of people involved, check this page first before buying a product online from a supplier. There are no additional costs for you and there is no extra effort except for the additional clicks. For example, by booking train tickets, hotel rooms or air travel, purchasing books, flowers, clothes, furniture, office supplies or electrical appliances, donations go to HITA. So, anyway, you should plan on shopping at one of the vendors, do it through WeCanHelp, do something good and help us get our projects off the ground. Once you have found a shop, you get to the respective description page of WeCanHelp, where the processes are explained and how high the donation share is. >>> Link (it´s in German):


Information on the amount of the credit: The amount of the credit note shown is completely given to Healthcare Information Technologies for Africa e.V .. This corresponds to a share of 90% of the total credit we receive from the shop. 10% remain with us for cost recovery. Exempted from this are, in a few cases, parts of the shopping cart which we are not allowed to pass on according to the instructions of the shop. We endeavor to keep the stated values ​​up to date. Nevertheless, no liability can be derived from this. The decisive factor is the actual amount of credit we receive from the shop.

Small selection of frequently used providers:

The entire range of 1719 providers that can be donated to HITA e.V. can be found on the website: We have already linked a small selection of frequently used providers. By clicking on the listed logos you will get to the respective page at WeCanHelp with the detailed information.

bahn booking bücher conradebay expedia hotel hrs ikea lufthansa mediamarkt medpex mytoys officediscount otto ottooffice printus sportscheck tchibo thalia tripadvisor viking verivoxblumenbonprix ca cewe decathlon eduermo erstings jakoo lidl lufthansa zooplus hita_page3

Payment Methods:

Zahlungsmittel The donation contribution will be passed on to 100%. The payment methods “Immediate”, “Sepa Direct Debit”, “PayPal”, “MasterCard” and “Visa” are accepted. There is no registration necessary!

Help with a CHARITY SMS!

Charity_SMSWith WeCanHelp there is the possibility to send a small donation by charity SMS. Send an SMS with the content GIB5 478467002 to the number 81190 to support the HITA e.V. with a contribution of 5 Euro. The cost is 5.17 euros plus your tariff costs for SMS. WeCanHelp does not charge its own fee, but passes the amount received to 100%. Further information [here].