Advocacy for Rural Development International (ARDI)

The two founders George Dogbey and Kofi Kakari created the idea of this non-governmental-organisation years ago during their study time at the university in Cape Coast. The main focus is on supporting institutions with all  educational and social issues especially in the rural areas. These institutions are schools, facilities for disapled people, orphanages and care center.

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George is teacher himself in the Volta Region near the city Hohoe, Kofi has a disablitity with his right arm since he was born.  That means these two guys are well informed and especially expired in these fields and they know through own experience what they are talking about. They decided after the degree at Cape Coast University to use their abilities, contacts and ressources for helping and developing especialy the hard to reach and rural areas in Ghana, because they are lacking the most in nearly everything. In summer 2014 they founded the NGO and since then they are working with an increasing number of facilities. The support includes basic ressources like clothing, feeding and furniture, but as well learning and teaching equipment, technical devices and the organisation of volunteer helpers. ARDI can provide accomodation in Accra for the time after the arrival and as well they organize the accomodation at the facilities. The rooms in the house in Accra get a renovation and new furniture during the next weeks, here you can have a first look:

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Since September 2014 there is a coopartion with HITA. HITA is via ARDI as well in contact with a lot of facilities and provides for them on their website the opportunity to present themselves, to talk about their problems and to use it for marketing strategies or start even their first one with these profile. The people from ARDI go as social workers directly to the sources of problems, but everybody who wants to help somehow with support can do something. A lot can be done already and you can find a lot more information on their page. They started the project with building up contact with the several facilities, supporting them with fundamental needs and providing supporters with contact information to be able to colaborate directly with the partner facilities.

Here you can find the interviews on HITA Radio with the two founders of ARDI and they tell you about the development and the vision of their organisation:

Here is the link to the Facebook page of ARDI, there you can find information, fotos and videos of the several partner facilities: ARDI Facebook.

KONTAKT. Adress: 27 Trinity Road, East Legon / Accra, Ghana – Post Box: KA9608 Airport, Accra – Phone: +233209780421 – E-Mail: – Facebookpage: