Project Overview

Call2Learn enables audio-based studying via cell phones time & location-independent.
The service facilitates health education and further training in remote rural areas. The primary target groups (nurses & midwives) still have access to at least vintage mobile phones and experiences with radio-delivered educational content.

HITA's contribution

1. Software Provision and Adaption
2. System integration and server connection. Adaption of software to cell phones. (steht ja oben schon)
3. Selection and Adaption of learning contents. Support of local partners in the conversion of written contents into audible learning units
4. Conception and realisation of workshops about the use of related software on different cell phones
5. Implementation of a train-the-trainer approach. Instruction of multipliers so as to reach a sustainable continuation of the project
6. Continuous support of the project through monitoring, evaluation and consulting

The Benefits of Call2Learn at a Glance

• Clients gain access to learning contents through direct dial via cell phone
• Learning modules can be freely selected, interrupted and resumed.
• Learning contents can be uploaded and edited by teaching staff.
• A structured look at the learning progress.
• Individual feedback
• Learning modules and address book(?) are continuously updated through central administration

Education made audible

Call2Learn enables audio-based studying via cell phones. This project facilitates the vocational education and further training of medical staff in remote rural areas. The primary target groups are nurses and midwives. The access to audio-based learning contents is enabled through a server connection.

Self-directed mLearning

By calling a single telephone number or using a voice-based control panel users choose from a range of learning modules that have been didactically edited. The lessons become audible via cell phone whenever and wherever.
By this means the training of medical staff is made possible even in geographically remote areas.