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The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ghana (MoH) is the main provider of public health services  in  Ghana.  It  manages  Ghana’s  healthcare  industry,  and  runs  Ghana’s  hospitals  and medical education system. Its main offices are located in the country’s capital, Accra. Ministry agencies include the Ghana Medical and Dental Council, Pharmacy Council, Ghana Registered Nurses  and  Midwives,  Alternative  Medicine  Council,  Food  and  Drug  Board,  Private  Hospitals and  Maternity  Homes  Board,  National  Health  Insurance  Authority,  Ghana  National  Drugs Programme and the Ghana Health Service. The Ministry’s policy rests on the Government Vision 2020, which defined areas for priority attention, including efforts to maximize the healthy and productive lives of Ghanaians, a fair distribution of the benefits of development and the promotion of science and improved technology as tools for growth and development.

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Already more than 10 years ago the Ministry developed an ICT Policy and Strategy for the health sector, the result of  a  national  dialogue  between  representatives  of  the  Ministry  and  other  stakeholders  in  Ghana’s  health  sector during and after the ICT Roundtable workshop on the Health Sector, November 1999. Recent years have seen increased activity to put the plan into action. On the 14th of July, 2010, the Ministry of Health launched the National e-Health Strategy Document, which puts the emphasis on “building sector capacity for wider application of e-health solutions in the health sector” as well as “Increasing access and bridging equity gap  in  the  health  sector  through  the  use  of  ICT”,  both  goals  which  underpin  the  Ministry’s  commitment  to  the proposed project.

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Mrs. Doris Agyapong is currently the Deputy Director of Human Resource for Health Development at the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Accra, Ghana. She owns a Bachelor and Masters Degree of the University of Legon in  Ghana.  After  graduation  she  started  to  work  for  the  Human  Resource  Directorate  of  the  MOH  more  than  a decade  ago.  She  is  wealth  of  experience  in  the  human  resources  for  health  in  the  Ghanaian  context.  She  is particularly  experienced  in  Nursing  and  Midwifery  pre-service  training  and  human  resource  planning  for  nondoctorial medical personnel. Her passion is in quality pre-service training for healthcare professionals translating into better health service quality to people, particularly in rural deprived areas in Ghana. Her particular research interests  include  implementation  research,  human  resources  for  health  in  developing  countries,  nursing  and midwifery training, rural-urban distribution of health resources.

Tony  Goodman  is  Public  Relations  Officer  at  the  Ministry  of  Health  in  Ghana.  As  an  expert  for  public relations in the MOH he will supervise all related PR activities of the proposed activities. He will use all forms of media  and  communication  to  build,  maintain  and  manage  the  reputation  of  the  project.  He  communicates  key messages to defined target audiences in order to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between the project and its public. His main tasks in this project will be planning, developing and implementing PR strategies; liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organisations   researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media; collating and analysing media coverage; preparing  and  supervising  the  production  of  publicity  brochures,  handouts,  direct  mail  leaflets,  promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes; organising events including press conferences, exhibitions, international conferences; sourcing and managing speaking and sponsorship opportunities; fostering  community  relations  through  events  such  as  open  days  and  through  involvement  in  community initiatives.

Cephas Danuistui is chief controller of the Health Training Secretariat at the Ministry of Health in Accra, Ghana. He is there responsible for financial management policy, resource mobilization, disbursement, financial accounting and reporting. In the proposed project, he will be responsible for managing the finances. Amongst others his main tasks will be: To safeguard the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure. To prepare financial and management reports for the overall project manager. To assist in the planning and monitoring of project’s performance. To ensure judicious use of funds and to establish and maintains safe, secure and healthy financial environments for all involved partners.


The  WOTRO-COHEiSION  Ghana  Project  was  financially  supported  by  the Government  of  Netherlands  through  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  and  WOTRO  Science  for  Global Development,  a  division  of  the  Netherlands  Organisation  for  Scientific  Research  (NWO),  under  the  Global Health Policy and Systems Research (GHPHSR) research programme.
ABCE-  Assessing  Facility  Capacity  and  Costs  of  Care.  The  project  has  sought  to  comprehensively  identify what and how components of health service provision  —  access to services, bottlenecks in delivery, costs of care, and equity in care received — affect health system performance in several countries. 2011- 2015.
MIda  Ghana  Health  project.  The  MIda  Ghana  Health  project  contributes  to  the  development  of  human resources  in  the  health  sector  in  Ghana.  Ghanaian  and  other  African  migrants  in  EU  countries  can  transfer knowledge, skills and experience through temporary assignments to Ghana. Health workers from Ghana also have the opportunity to engage in specialized training at health care institutions in the Netherlands, Germany or the United Kingdom. The project is implemented by IOM in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ghana and Ghanaian diaspora groups in Europe. 2002-2012.
Capacity Project  -  Planning, Developing & Supporting the Health Workforce. 2004-2009.


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