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The HITA partner from the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) in the projects is the department SONAM, the School for Nursing and Midwifery, with approximately 3300 Students by  far  the  largest  school.  The  school  is  located  at  the  old  campus  in  HO,  Volta  Region.  The  aim  of  highly motivated staff members is to provide higher education in the Nursing and Midwifery Sciences through teaching and  research  for  persons  suitably  qualified  and  capable  of  benefiting  from  such  education;  to  disseminate knowledge and results of research and their applications to the needs and aspirations of the people of Ghana; and to provide clinical and other skills services to contribute positively to improving the health status and overall quality of life, and foster partnerships with outside persons and bodies. The school runs three programs: 1.) Bachelor of Nursing, 2.) Bachelor of Midwifery and 3.) Bachelor of Public Health. All three programs include classes in Mental Health. More than that there are intensive classes offered to train Mental Health Nurses.The late President J.E.A Mills inaugurated a  seven-member Interim Council on February 7, 2012 under Section 40 (Transitional Provisions) of the University of Health and Allied Sciences Act, 2011, Act 828 to oversee the running of the University for “a period not exceeding two years”. He also mandated the interim council to ensure that the university admitted its pioneer students by September 2012. Prior  to  the  establishment  of  the  Interim  Council,  preparatory  work  for  the  University  was  handled  by  an Implementation  Committee  chaired  by  Dr.  Christina  Amoako-Nuama,  an  advisor  to  the  President  in  charge  of Policy Co-ordination in the Office of the President. The Implementation Committee was set up to initiate action on the Final Report submitted to Government by the Planning Committee (Chaired by Prof. Samuel K. Sefa-Dedeh) on the Establishment of Two Public Universities: The University of Health and Allied Sciences and the University of Energy and Natural Resources, respectively. The Interim Council appointed Professor Fred Newton Binka, Dean of the School of Public Health, University of Ghana, as foundation Vice-Chancellor.



  • To provide higher education in the Nursing and Midwifery Sciences through teaching and research for persons suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from such education;
  • To disseminate knowledge and results of research and their applications to the needs and aspirations of the people of Ghana;
  • To provide clinical and other skills services to contribute positively to improving the health status an
  • d overall quality of life, and foster partnerships with outside persons and bodies.

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  •  Working with integrity and maintain an empowering environment based on mutual trust respect and partnership among academic and non-academic staff, students and external links;
  •  Applying innovative educational approaches and technologies (including distance learning) to enhance access to programmes with a focus to train high calibre nurses and midwives at all levels of education;
  •  Using modern information and communication technology (ICT) and other education tools to drive this programme wherever possible;
  •  Seeking, through research and clinical service, to be relevant to the health needs of Ghana and beyond, with future programmes relating to emerging challenges and trends in both the health and educational sectors;
  • Be practically oriented by emphasizing community work as a compulsory component of all programmes offered in the School; Develop curriculum that entails effective balance between academic knowledge and competencies required in the world of work;
  •  Collaborate with the Ministries of Health and Education, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, professional bodies, the private sector and international institutions in the attainment of the mission of the University.



DR. PRUDENCEProf.  Prudence  Portia  Mroini-Xlyatedzigbor, SONAM,  Associate  Professor  and  Dean  of  the  School  of Nursing and Midwifery, at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, Ghana.Prudence started her professional career in the 1980s as a State  Registered Nurse in Tamale, a State Registered Midwife in Kumasi and a State registered Public Health Nurse in Korle-Bu. Her academic career includes a BA in Nursing with Psychology of the University of Ghana in Legon (1998), a M Phil in Nursing of the University of Ghana in Legon (2003), and a PhD in Nursing at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Pretoria, South Africa  (2010).  Since  2003  Prudence  teaches  and  practices  fieldwork  in  Nursing,  Midwifery  and  Public  health nursing  including  HIV/AIDS  counselling  and  testing,  care,  management  and  prevention  of  diseases  amongst populations. Her research interests include research on HIV/AIDS patients and their families and the development and  implementation  of  an  AIDS  Relief  Project  for  orphans  and  vulnerable  children  with  support  from  the Opportunities  Industrialization  Center  International  (OICI)  and  Opportunities  Industrialization  Center,  Ghana (OIC). Development of a community engagement programme for the school of nursing where every level 300 and 400  student  undertakes  practical  activities  in  community  organisation  participation  and  mobilization  and implement community health programmes for various populations in communities.

kaba_bio_1488367912Dr. Robert Kaba  Alhassan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Psychology (first class  honours) from  the  premier  University  of  Ghana,  Legon  in  2006.  In  2010,  he  graduated  with  a  Master  of  Philosophy (M.Phil) in Health Services Management from the same university. He started his PhD training with the Faculty of  Medical  Sciences  of  the  University  of  Amsterdam  and  the  Amsterdam  Institute  for  Global  Health  and
Development (AIGHD), where he will get his PhD in May 2017. Between 2007 and 2008 he worked in Ghana’s premier  teaching  hospital  (Korle  Bu  Teaching  Hospital)  in  various  departments  including  Reconstructive  and Plastic Surgery and Cardiothoracic units. During this time he also worked at various private hospitals on a parttime basis. In 2009-2012, he was fully employed as a nursing officer by the Ghana Health Service in a district hospital  located  in  the  Greater  Accra  Region.  While  in  the  clinical  setting  in  Ga  West  Municipal  Hospital,  he gained a wealth of experience in surgery and surgical nursing, accidents and emergency nursing and management of Buruli Ulcer patients. Besides clinical experience, Robert has taught in a number of private and public health training  institutions  in  Accra  and  rural  areas  in  northern  Ghana.  He  has  also  authored  a  Surgery  and  Surgical Nursing book for tropical nursing practice and promoting quality teaching and learning. Over 1,000 copies of this book have been sold throughout the country, contributing to quality pre-service training of health professionals. Robert also worked with USAID|DELIVER (a USAID implementing agent in Ghana) as a programme officer for the monitoring and evaluation of medical supply chains in all ten regions of Ghana. Robert is currently the head of the  Department of Public Health Nursing, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho. Volta Region, Ghana. Here is responsible for lecturing and  international projects.  Robert’s critical areas of interest include: healthcare quality and health systems strengthening particularly in resource poor countries; global health and development; health financing; workplace safety and risk reduction in healthcare.

judith_1487771400Dr. Judith Anaman-Torgbor, SONAM, Head of Nursing Department at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana). Judith started her academic career with a Certificate in Clinical Nursing, of the Nurses’ Training College, HoGhana, 2000. She then (2006) obtained a B. A. -  Nursing with Psychology (1st Class Hon.) from the University of Ghana in Legon. In 2016 she finally received a Ph.D. in Health from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia 2016. She was there nominated for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award-2016. From 2001-2006 Judith worked as a Clinical & Community Outreach Nurse at the Ridge Regional Hospital in Accra, Ghana. From 2006-2008 she was a Project Officer in a Nation-wide project about “Baseline evaluation of household impact of the Treatment Accelerated Programme (TAP) in Ghana”. From  2009-2011 she was CoPrincipal  Investigator  /  Project  Coordinator  for  the  Ghana  Health  Service  (GHS),  Research  and  Development Division (RDD) where she was in charge of a Nation-wide Project: Active Management of the Third Stage of Labour  in  Health  Care  Facilities  and  of  a  survey  about  how  to  establish  the  presence  and  proportion  of  unvaccinated and under-vaccinated children in urban centres in Ghana. Her  research  interests  include  Quality  of  Life,  Oncology,  HI/AIDS,  Malaria,  Mixed-method  Research, Behavioural Research, Prevention and Early Detection

Sr_Constancia_AtachieSister  Atachie  Constancia  Afeafa  Aku,  SONAM,  Head  of  Midwifery  Department  at  the  University  of Health  and  Allied  Sciences,  Ho,  Ghana).  Her  academic  qualification  include  a  Bachelor  in  Nursing  with Psychology  of  the  University  of  Ghana  in  Legon  and  a  Master  Phil.  Nursing  (Speciality  Midwifery  at  the University of Ghana in Legon. Her first working experience as a Staff Nurse was at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Dzodze and then to the then Sacred Heart Clinic and Maternity at Abor (now a hospital) in May-November 1991. She was then transferred to beef up the staffing situation at Margret Marquart Catholic Hospital in 1993-2001. At all these hospitals she worked in different departments (units) as ward and as a Charge Nurse. She thereby enhanced her clinical experience and was awarded as the best Nurse in Nursing Administration in in the Volta Region, in the year 2000. Sister  Constancia  joined  the  University  of  Health  and  Allied  Sciences,  in  October  2015.  She  started  as Registration and the Examination Officer and became then the Head of Department for Midwifery in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. She participates on many committees formed at the various schools and the University and  serves  also  as  an  external  examiner  for  the  Nursing  and  Midwifery  Council.  Her  main  research  areas  are Maternal  and  Child  Health  and  the  use  of  partograph  to  monitor  labour,  midwifery  practice  and  education, implementation research, maternal and child health, and neonatal health.

lomo_bio_1488378148George Lomotey, SONAM, Assistant Registrar of SONAM, University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, Ghana. George has a Bachelor in Social Science of the University of Cape Coast and a Master of Administration in  Higher  Education  from  the  same  university.  He  started  his  professional  career  as  a  Senior  Administration Assistant at the University of Cape Coast, where he was promoted to a Principal Administration Assistant in 2011. In 2016 he changed to the SONAM at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, Ghana where he serves now as an Assistant Registrar.


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