Partner in Germany

Successful technology only develops on a basis of excellent science  -  therefor HITA e.V. is very proud of the partnership with the “Intitut for Informationstechnologien im Gesundheitswesen”.


Institut für Informationstechnologien im Gesundheitswesen
Villa Rheinburg, Reichenaustr. 1, 78467 Konstanz



Cooparative projects with the Beuth Hochschule for Technology Berlin and the University for Media, Communication and Economics:


Together with the Universityatendant Klemens Werthmann students of the Bachelor module “Druck- und Medientechnik” in the wintersemester 2012/13 developed online- and marketing strategies, learning- and imagemovies and logos for HITA e.V.. Here you can find the project and the movie clips.


hsma2Mixing engineering, design, business, computer science and more, students from Hochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences (, work multidisciplinary on innovation challenges at HITA e.V. invites the students around Professor  Kirstin Kohler to work on the design challenge of how to support Ghana’s health system using innovative computer-aided technologies. Have logo_innospace2 a look at the project:



logo_hmkwStudents of the Bachelor module ”Journalismus und Unternehmenskommunikation” developed in a competition in the wintersemester 2012/13 online- and marketing strategies, learning- and imagemovies and logos for HITA e.V.

Here you can find the concepts and skripts of the whole public relation campaign: 1. Social network    2. Professionals from the Third World  3. Education through Application  4.   Education through Application




logo-1The St. Elisabeth Diakonie ( supported the HITA e.V. with rooms and space at their facility for a cooperative project with the University of the medias, communication and economy (HMKW) in Berlin. The location was used to film movies for a HITA public relation campaign.