Nurses’  &  Midwives’  Training  College Tamale

Tamale_LogoNurses’  &  Midwives’  Training  College,  Tamale  is  the  Pioneer  Health  Training institution in the Northern Region, which started training Auxiliary Nurses in the 1960. The school started training state Registered nurses in 1970 and moved on to training Diploma nurses in 1998. In 2009 the school added the Midwifery Program to train diploma nurses. The school currently has over 20 clinical sites scattered all over the region for practical practice for students at all levels. The school is currently affiliated to KNUST Kumasi for the award of academic diplomas. The school currently has 930 students, 36 tutors; 1 computer  laboratory  and  60  computers.  The  principal  of  the  school  is  Mr.  Cosmos Hassan Alhassan.



As first-tier training institution,  NMTC Tamale will be a pilot implementation site itself, and also coordinate all pilot activities at the three assigned second-tier institutions.


Cosmas Hassan Alhassan has an Msc in human resource development from the University of Manchester. Other qualifications include diploma from Galilee, Bachelor’s degree in education from University of Cape Coast. He is a nurse by trained profession. Before his current portfolio he was principal of Damango NTC. Experiences and expertise include: Planning and drawing of academic and organizations’ programs; Recording and reporting of  activities  undertaken;  Training  and  mentoring  nurses;  evaluate  and  development  of  staff;  Communicate  and organisation  of  people;  Budget  for  conferences,  meetings,  trainings,  and  social  activities;  Facilitator  of  Staff developments; Teacher health and allied professionals.


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