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Turuk AmkTurku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), one of the largest universities of applied sciences  in  Finland,  is  a  multidisciplinary  institution  of  higher  education.  It  offers competitive qualifications in seven educational fields with over thirty Finnish and several English  degree  programmes,  for  more  than  nine  thousand  students.  TUAS  operates  in close  contact  with  private  and  public  enterprises  in  various  research  and  development fields promoting ecological and ethical sustainable development of Southwest Finland. The multi-disciplinary and client-based innovation pedagogy INNOPEDA® supports the integration of education and work life in the region insuring  flexible  curriculum  structures  and  alternative  methods  of  completing  studies.  The  cornerstone  of INNOPEDA  is  the  multidisciplinary  education,  research  and  development  specifically  aiming  to  develop  the entrepreneurial spirit and internationality of the students and contributing to the growth of the enterprises. TUAS  research  activities  are  organised  in  content  groups  that  are  led  by  key  researchers  of  the  university  and defined by the needs of the region. Through the research groups students and enterprises meet and collaborate in various projects. Up-to-date research is made available for the enterprises through these collaboration projects and their needs are addressed in further work of the research groups. Research Development and Innovation (RDI) services of TUAS provide project support for the research groups. The  growing  RDI  field  employs  more  than  30  staff  members  and  offers  extensive  experience  with  regional, national and international funding programs. As part of the TUAS strategy RDI services operate the H2020 support network  that  has  noticeably  grown  in  recent  years.  In  2014  TUAS  was  involved  in  340  ongoing  projects.  In Addition, TUAS has experience of working with Horizon programme and prior 7th Framework programme funded projects  as  a  partner  and  a  leader  of  work  packages.  The  projects  where  TUAS  is  leading  WP  are  5G-XCast (H2020,  2017-20);  ACTIVEAGE(H2020,  2017-20);  CIVITAS  ECENTRIC  (H2020,  2016-19);  InnoSI  (H2020, 2015-17) and Baltic Flows (H2020, 2013-16).



TUAS will contribute to the project with expertise in nursing & midwifery education. It will lead WP1 (Assessment of user needs & system requirements) and contribute substantially to WP4 “Trial preparation (incl. training)”. TUAS will be also be an active member in data collection and analysis, and as such contribute to a number of other WPs.



Mari Lahti is a deputy research leader in Health Promotion research group and an active member of research group of Empowering Children and Young People of TUAS. She is responsible for mental health research and development  as  well  as  teaching.  She  works  as  a  reviewer  in  several  international  peer-reviewed  journals  (i.e. International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of Internet Medical Research, International Journal of Mental Health and Psychiatry). She completed her academic dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine of Turku University, Department  of  Nursing  Science.  Her  academic  dissertation  was  “Evaluation  of  an  e-learning  course:  Coercion practices in psychiatric nursing” and her research interest is in complex interventions, mental health promotion, youth mental health and residential child care. She has used Kirkpatrick evaluation framework in her Ph.D study. She is currently doing post-doc research at University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences. She is Chair of the Mental Health Advisory Board of the Finnish National Nurses Association, Secretary of the Finnish Association for Mental Health Research and Development and a board member of the Nordic Psychiatric Nurses Association (PSSN). She has been co-researcher of several international projects, e.g. “Commune –  Co-Produced mental  health  nursing  education”,  “ACUCARE  -  Acute  Team  in  Youth  Psychiatric  Services  Targeted  to  the Residential  Child  Care”,  RESME  –  On  the  Borders  Between  Residential  Child  Care  and  Mental  Health Treatment”,  “eMenthe  -  Developing  Master’s  level  eLearning  material  in  mental  health”,  “Nordic-Russian cooperation:  Project  to  promote  multifaceted  collaboration  in  the  field  of  nursing  education  and  research”  and “ePsychNurse.Net  -  Towards improved quality –  developing nurses’  continuing vocational training in psychiatric hospitals and inpatient units”. She has contributed to two Cochrane Collaboration reviews related to “Information and  communication  technology  in  patient  education  and  support  for  people  with  schizophrenia”  and  “Virtual reality for treatment compliance for people with serious mental illness”. She has worked in residential child care service over ten years in special unit with adolescents having serious behavioural and mental health problems. Her methodological expertise is in systematic literature review and meta-analysis and conducting empirical research.

Heikki Ellilä MN.Sc, PhD, is a registered general and mental health nurse and nurse teacher. He has worked as  a  nurse  educator  for  25  years,  including  10  years  in  clinical  work  as  a  staff  nurse  in  psychiatric  out-  and inpatient  services.  Ellilä  currently  works  as  a  principal  lecturer  in  post-graduate  studies  in  the  Department  of Health  and  Wellbeing  at  Turku  University  of  Applied  Sciences  (TUAS)  and  as  a  clinical  teacher  in  The Psychiatric Clinic of The Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Turku University Hospital. He is a facilitator in the first Master’s level programme (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) in mental health nursing in Finland. Ellilä´s main  research and project activities focus on child and adolescent mental health care and treatment, and on the role of mental health service users in nurse education as an educator. Ellilä has worked as a student group tutor and  a  lecturer in  International  Degree Program on  Nursing (BA)  in  TUAS  for 10  years and his main  teaching areas have been mental health –  and substance abuse nursing, and research methodology with theses supervision. He is one of the founders and board members of the Horatio-  European Association for Psychiatric Nurses and spent further 7 years as a board member of the Association for Psychiatric Nurses in Nordic Countries (PSSN). He is Chair of the Finnish Association for Mental Health Research and Development. He is also a member of the organising committee of European Conference on Mental Health. Ellilä has also worked as a visiting lecturer in Dublin  City  University  in  the  school  of  Nursing  and  Midwifery,  Ireland  and  Utrecht  University  of  Applied Sciences, Netherlands. He is the external  examiner of the mental health nursing program in University Collage Cork, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Ireland. His main expertise is mentoring international students, including students with Southern African background. He has also supervised Finnish  nursing students on their internships in Europe and in other African countries, such as Swaziland and South Africa. Ellilä is currently taking part in the preparation of a project to enhance the care and treatment of young people with depression in South  Africa and Zambia,  collaborating  with  African  academic  partners, e.g.  Psychiatric  Clinic in Steve Biko Hospital, Pretoria, South-Africa.

Elina Kontio is a Doctor of Sciences in Health Sciences. She received her M.Sc. in Nursing Science (2003) from  University  of  Turku,  Finland  and  is  a  registered  nurse.  She  is  a  Research  Group  Leader  of  eHealth Technologies and a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Business, ICT, and Chemical Engineering at the Turku University  of  Applied  Sciences.  Dr.  Kontio  is  a  board  member  in  the  Finnish  Society  of  Telemedicine  and eHealth. She is a working group member in the Southwest Finland Social and Healthcare ICT group. Furthermore, in the Health Campus Turku she is a member of the working group focusing on scientific and applied research. The project portfolio of the eHealth Technologies research group consists of over 15 national and international projects and has an external funding of over 1 million euros. She has experience in managing several international and national  eHealth projects. Her primary areas of interest include eHealth, eLearning, Health Informatics and decision-making in hospitals. She is active in publishing her research in international journals such as Journal of Biomedical Informatics, International Journal of Information Systems in Service Sector and Journal of Nursing Management.

Reetta Raitoharju is a Doctor of Sciences. She graduated from Turku School of Economics in 2007 with a major  in  Information  System  Science.  She  wrote  her  Doctoral  thesis  on  the  topic  of  “Information  technology acceptance in the Finnish social and healthcare sector: Exploring the effects of cultural factors”. She is a member of the eHealth Technologies research group of TUAS. She currently works as lecturer at TUAS and is responsible for  planning  and  implementing  health  informatics  studies.  In  addition,  she  is  active  in  research  publishing  in international  journals  such  as  Journal  of  Business  Research,  International  Journal  on  Computer  Science  and Information Systems and International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations. Furthermore, she is a reviewer in European Journal of Information Systems, Human Technology, Communications of AIS, International Journal of Healthcare Technology & Management and International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (Editorial Review Board Member).

Tiina  Murto  is  Doctor  of  Medicine  (PhD)  graduated  from  Uppsala  University,  Sweden.  She  received  the M.Sc.  in  Public  Health  (2003)  from  Karolinska  Institutet,  Stockholm,  Sweden.  Murto  has  good  knowledge  in nutrition and genetics through her master thesis and academic dissertation. Her research interest in mainly in the field of sexual and reproductive health, and her methodological expertise is in quantitative research. She is also a registered  Midwife  and  has  worked  over  ten  years  as  a  midwife  in  different  hospitals  in  Stockholm,  Sweden.Murto  is  currently  working  as  a  lecturer  in  the  Department  of  Health  and  Wellbeing  at  Turku  University  of Applied Sciences (TUAS). She works as a student group tutor and a lecturer in Degree Program on Nursing (BA) and  in  Degree  Program  on  Midwifery  (BA).  Her  main  teaching  areas  are  sexual  and  reproductive  health, midwifery and research  methodology (incl. statistics) with theses supervision.



EriTurva  –  Nurse  and  patient  therapeutic  communication  in  seclusion  room  in  psychiatric  hospital.  Funded from The Finnish Work Environment Fund 2016-2018. Project leader Mari Lahti, Turku University of Applied Science, Finland.
Commune  –  Co-produced mental health nurse education. Funded from Erasmus+ Strategic partnership 2016-2018. Lead Pall Biéring Iceland University, Iceland. ACUCARE –  Acute Team in Youth Psychiatric Services Targeted to the Residential Child Care. Funded from Central Baltic 2016-2018. Project leader Eeva Timonen-Kallio. Turku University of Applied Science, Finland.
eMenthe  –  Enhance  Master’s  level  education  in  mental  health  practice  by  developing  eLearning  materials through European co-operation. Funded by LLP-EU 2013-2016. Project leader Kilkku N, Tampere University of applied science, Finland.
NCM-RU  –  To  promote  multifaceted  collaboration  in  the  field  of  nursing  science  education  and  research. Funded by SIU -  The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education 2014-2016. Project leader, Biering P, University of Reykjavik, Iceland.




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