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Built in 1952 before Zambia’s independence, Chipata Central  Hospital is located in the central town of Chipata. It was previously named after its former governor “Forty Jameson”. The goal was to provide patient treatment in the Chipata district and eastern provinces at large with a bed-space of 120 and offering surgical, medical and paediatric services to the public. In  1974,  with  the  increase  in  demand  for  health  services  by  the  public,  the  hospital  was  upgraded  to  a  general hospital  and  renamed  to  Chipata  General  Hospital.  More  services  were  introduced,  including  psychiatry, physiotherapy  and  public  health;  as  well  as  several  clinics,  for  example,  for  cancer  screening,  gynaecology  and maternity. The Institution today provides health services to a population of around 1.5 million people, as per the 2010 Zambian census. In  2016,  the  Zambian  government  upgraded  the  Chipata  Central  Hospital  in  order  to  handle  high  numbers  of referrals to other central hospitals in the country, as well as providing facilities to train doctors and equipment for CT scans. Through the Ministry of Health, a Nurse Training School was established in 1982, which is part of the hospital even today. The purpose of this school is to increase the number of nurses in the country. The school has grown  from  training  certified  nurses  (Enrolled  Nurses)  to  diploma  nurses  (Registered  Nurses).  Furthermore,  the Institution introduced the training of direct midwifery in 2010. This was in response to a high number of maternal mortality  rates  faced  by  the  province  the  country  at  large.  Last  year,  the  direct  midwifery  training  course  was upgraded to registered midwifery.Since  2015,  CCH’s  School  of  Nursing  And  Midwifery  provides  selected  offering  nursing  &  midwifery programmes  in  the  form  of  eLearning  distance  education  courses
102.  In  its  efforts  to  address  the  need  for  more nurses the  MOH Zambia,  the School  together with the  Zambian  GNC worked in partnership with Childfund and AMREF in 2014 to launch “The Zambia Nurse and Life Skills Training Program” to train student nurses through (pure) eLearning. Chipata School of Nursing and Midwifery was one of 5 pilot test sites. Since then Chipata School of  Nursing  and  Midwifery  has  become  a  demonstration  site  for  eLearning  related  developments  in  Zambia  and other parts of Southern Africa.



Chipata Central Hospital’s School of Nursing And Midwifery  will be site of the feasibility study to be carried out  in WP7. CCH will also have  a  role in WP1  (Conceptual  framework)  and WP6 (Evaluation)  – because data for the evaluation will also be collected at the feasibility study site – and in most other WPs to enable it to transfer lessons learned from the Ghana pilots to Zambia.


M.  Jere  holds  Master’s  degree  in  Physiology  in  Nursing.  He  is  a  senior  nurse  tutor  at  Chipata  School  of Nursing. He has also taught at Cavendish University in Zambia.

Felani Tembo is a Master’s graduate from the University of Zambia School of Medicine and she is the current Principal tutor at Chipata School of Nursing. Prior to her role as Principal Tutor, she taught at Mwami School of Nursing.

Marron  Mugala   is  a  Mental  Health  Nurse  and  Deputy  in  Charge  of  MHU.  He  is  a  graduating  student in Development studies at Zambia Open University.

Pearson Moyo is the current information officer at the Chipata School of Nursing.


Rehabilitation  of  the  Mental  Health  Unit  at  Chipata  Central  Hospital.  In  2015,  Chipata  Central  Hospital partnered  with  the  NHS  Highland  to  help  rehabilitate  the  Mental  Health  Unit  at  Chipata  Central  Hospital, which was in a deplorable state.
eLearning and clinical supervision projects  –  Chipata Central Hospital participated in an eLearning project led by  Professor Anne Mason (THET). THET also  funded  a clinical  supervision project  in collaboration  with a psychiatric hospital in Scotland.
Mental Health Literacy and Patient project  –  the project was launched  in three communities of Chipata. The aim was to assess the level of knowledge people had in terms of where to access information and help about mental  health  services  as  well  as  to  sensitize  and  educate  the  public  about  mental  health  issues  in  Chipata through  focus  groups,  drama  and  brochures  and  radio  programmes.  The  project  lasted  for  two  years  from January 2015 to January 2017.


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