Maxi in Ghana

Maximilian Glätzner, a young student from Frankfurt is on his way to Accra to work on several tasks for HITA during the next weeks. He is going to visit different education facilities of the Ministry of Health (MoH), to work on preparations and arrangements for our HITA projects which are coming up or are already in progress. He will check, analyse and document the technical and infrastructural situations on the schools and project places by means of a checklist. This is the groundwork and basis for the further work of our HITA technicians who will built up, implement and install whole new Campus-WLAN systems on site. Beyond that Maximilian will conduct an empirical questionaire with the aim to get research information about the usage of mobile phones at schools. Last but not least will Maximilian work on preparations and agreements for our donation project in Ghana. Important issues in this behalf will be the getting concrete answers for customs duty affairs and solutions about the logistic matters with the several persons responsible in Ghana.


Maximilian will frequently report about his doing and the time in Ghana. Check our website and our internet platforms. On this page here you can follow his blog and on our sozial media channels, have a look on the fotos at Instagram or listen to interviews and audio podcasts on HITA-Radio.


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