HITA eHealth campus

The campus is to become a centre for high class education combining a general nursing school with a state-of-the-art school and research centre specialising in ICT in the health care sector. The facility will not only provide initial training but also programmes for further education. Curricula will include how to apply ICT for modern health care in rural areas. The campus is planned to be build as an extension of an existing nurse training school in Sewfi Wiawso – the Sewfi Wiawso Health Assistants Training School (SWHATS). The chosen approach — close integration of research with the existing training facility for nurses and midwifes and the new-to-be-established school for further education will enable research to be driven by the actual needs of all target groups within the country’s rural health care system, while ensuring that research outcomes will feed directly into basic training and further education of non-medical health care staff.