We think big!  -  The HITA Vision

That´s why we organized the way to the goal we want to achieve into little step by step projects. All these projects work together in a bigger concept to develop an improvement for the health care sector in the rural areas in Ghana. The projects and designed ideas shall show how the usage of new information and communication technology and its devices can help with basic services and primary health care in Africa.

We divided our vision into three areas: Educational projects, infrastructure projects and concrete projects in telemedicine. We have to say that all our ideas and doing depends on the financial resources and budget we can use to operate, as an NGO we always need and can only work with the help of supporters and sponsors.


educational projects

infrastructure projects

telemedicine projects

Mobile Library eHealth Campus virtual telemedicine center
Call2Learn school telemedicine center
SMS2Learn eHealth research center

We classified our ideas into activities, which can work simultaneous or just one at a time if there is a lack of money resources. It is our dream to build up an internationales eHealth research center and an eHealth campus together with our partners from Ghana. Infrastructure projects like ours need a long preliminary lead time to do all the planings, the organization and communication with all the actors and for that much more financial budget. Herefore we need and depend on donations.

Our educational projects are faster and easier achievable. They help as well to support directly the advancement at local places. Here we already had a lot of progress at our partner facilities in Ghana.

The educational projects are divided in the two approaches mHealth & mLearning (mobile health & learning) and  eHealth & eLearning (electronic health & learning). We implemented WEB2Learn in several computer labs at schools in Ghana and built up intranets. As well we developed together with our african partners a wiki for health care content, which gets already used and continuingly improved at schools in Ghana. Wiki4Health is an eHealth project which allows to use eLearning applications off-line without internet connection. A lot of school provide a intranet structre and the possibilities to use it for the students, but the don´t have much content to put on the servers. The wiki project gives in its results combined knowledge from students, teachers and project researchers from Germany and Ghana.

Another mHealth project is the mobile library. The plan is to provide all the important school books in a digital form on the intranet and learning plattforms and provide access to them via mobile phones.

Our projects in the telemedicine about supporting the non-medical staff in the ruaral areas are mid term plannings. In the future the virtual telemedicine center shall be a direct help-hotline for nurses and midwifes. It shall be possible to get advice, help and expert knowledge in an emergency situation from a professional physician immediatelly. And this 24 hours on 7 days a week.

Our infrastructure projects are long term plannings. The are helping to improve the education and continuing qualificatioin in a sustainable way. The schools are no separate competitive rivals to the existing school system but more an additional proposition. As a result of the close spatial connection between the existing facilities and the model school the students of the public schools will benefit from the the extended infrastructure and learning opportunity.

The function and job of the international oriented research center is to ensure the sustainability of all the approaches and projects by exploring the newest technical and medical developments and trends and adapting these information of the situation and the needs in Ghana and Africa to the currently ongoing work in the projects.

Research teams from Ghana and other nations will develope together adequate technical solutions to support the health care systems in the so called “developing countries”.

The research center will work close together with the telemedicine center. In this center there will be teleconsultation sevices and others provided for Ghana and furthermore in a commercial way.

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