Oktober 2019 – Januar 2020

27.12. – 12.01. – Weitere Schulen werden ausgestattet, Team und Container 2 kommen an : Beitrag

Interviews mit Lehrerinnen Rachida Aouad und Petra Knott von der Carlo-Mierendorff-Schule: Beitrag

Preisverleihung für HITA Projekt: Beitrag

Vorstandsvergrößerung – Wir sind jetzt fünf! – Beitrag

Mitgliederversammlung: 17. Oktober 20 Uhr – Einladung

Juli 2019 – September 2019

19. Juli: Verladeaktion unseres zweiten Containers – Bericht

Infoflyer HITA – 09-2019

Infoflyer Spendemöglichkeiten – 09-2019

Januar 2019 – Mai 2019

14. – 22. April: Arbeitsreise nach Ho – Bericht

Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung: Wie kann man helfen

Pressemitteilung: Was macht HITA

Rückblick und Ausblick: Projekte 2018-2019

HITA Jahrbuch 2018 ging in den Druck: Einblick ins Buch

Die neuen Ghana Reports gehen bei Feinripp online: No.30, No.31, No.32, No.33, No.34, No.35

Juni 2018 – Dezember 2018

Crowdfunding Campagne bei WeCanHelp gestartet: Beitrag

Neue Spendemöglichkeiten durch Onlineshopping ohne eigene Mehrkosten: Wie funktioniert das

Kolumne Maximilian Glätzner: Vom Kinderglück

Die neuen Ghana Reports gehen bei Feinripp online: No.24, No.25, No.26, No.27, No.28, No.29

April 2018 – Mai 2018

Volleybälle für Grundschüler und neue HITA Office in Ghana: >>> Reportage

ComputerLab-Eröffnung und Ernennung zum Development Chief: >>> Reportage

HITA Team reist nach Ghana – Intranet Implementierung an der University of Ho: >>> Reportage

Januar 2018 – März 2018

Unserer Verladeaktion am 18. Februar: >>> Gefüllter Container Richtung Ghana

Am 26. Februar startete unser erster Container mit hochwertigem medizinischem und technischem Equipment nach Ghana:
>>> Pressemitteilung: Conatinerverschiffung und erstes Campus WLAN

Die neuen Ghana Reports geht bei Feinripp online: No.21, No.22, No.23.

September 2017 – Dezember 2017

Spendenaktion, Containerverschiffung, Danksagung und Frohe Weihnachten!
>>> Pressemitteilung

Der neue Ghana Report geht bei Feinripp online: No.20

Online-Herbst-Mitgliederversammlung (B) am 7.11. um 19 Uhr

Online-Herbst-Mitgliederversammlung (A) am 11.10. um 20 Uhr (Präsentation)

HITA Vorstand Thomas Erkert nimmt an der 2. Virtuellen Pflegekonferenz teil
>>> weitere Infos, Mitschnitte und Downloads

Juli 2017 – August 2017

Maxis erste Reiseeinträge aus Ghana gingen auf der HITA Webseite (Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4) und bei Feinripp im Ghana Report online. No.16, No.17, No.18, No.19.

HITA-Infobroschüre wird gedruckt: (Imageflyer)

HITA Experte Maximilian Glätzner startet am 21.07. seine Ghanareise. Alle Berichte hier im Blog und auf unseren sozialen Medien. Fotos bei Instagram.

Juni 2017

HITA jetzt bei Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr und Tumblr

+++ Die HITA Facebook Seite übersteigt 5000 Likes! +++

Ghana Report No.15 beim Feinripp Magazin online.

April 2017 – Mai 2017

Annual spring online meeting of the members on 16th of May at 8.pm (Anschreiben)

2 (!!!) Proposals at the framework of the HORIZON 2020 call of the European Commission
>> read more

Januar 2017 – März 2017

+++ The HITA Facebook Page rises above 3000 Likes! +++

Participation at the Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2017 in Nairobi.
>> read more


July 2016 – Dezember 2016

Annual general online meeting of the members on 15th of December at 8.pm (Cover Letter)

New and easy applicaton form for HITA membership online

Ghana Report 13 and 14 online at Feinripp Magazine. No.13, No.14/a>.

+++ The HITA Facebook Page rises above 2000 Likes! +++

January 2016 – June 2016

New Profile of the Computer Training School Akosombo online

EU Proposal Journey to Ghana – HITA Head of Council Vorstand Thomas Erkert and HITA Experte Karsten Gareis from 21. till 31. March. Detailed Journey Report.
>> Audiointerview: Retrospect No.1, No.2, No.3

The HITA Facebook Page rises above 1900 Likes!

New episodes of the Ghana report are online at the magazine Feinripp: No.8, No.9, No.10, No.11, No.12


November 2015 – Dezember 2015
The new management was elected on Dezember 15th. The new board members are Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßmann and Günther Michels.

March 2015
The HITA Facebook Page rises above 1000 Likes!

February 2015
A documentary series about HITA and several facilities in Ghana is published at the onlinemagazine Feinripp. Ghana Report: No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7.

January 2015
HITA e.V. wishes a Happy New Year to all the members, supporters and people who are involved in our work!


December 2014
+++ HITA Membership for Christmas present +++

+++ Comfirmation for further colaboration +++
Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie, Solid Rock Association, Advocacy for Rural Development International (ARDI)

November 2014
+++ Die Interviewsammlung auf der HITA Radio Audioplattform übersteigt 50 +++

+++ Profils of schools in Jamestown online +++
Jamestown Noyaa School and Christ the Kind of Kings School

October 2014
+++Vodafone confirms financial support for the Mobile-for-Good-Programms+++

+++ A lot of new profiles of facilities in Ghana are online at the new menu part International Plattform on the HITA website+++

September 2014
+++Presentation at Vodafone Headquarters in Accra+++
Principal Victoria Amoah of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Tepa and HITA Correspondent Günther Michels presented the beginning project for the Mobile-for-Good-Programms sucessfully in front of a commitee of the Vodafone Corporation.

+++Visit of different social institutions in Ghana+++
Profiles and reports of schools, hospitals, orphanages and teaching centers.

August 2014
+++The German ASA participants are on the way to Ghana+++
On August 14th the nurse Manuela Bauer, the midwife Franziska Manthey and the two ASA stipendiaries Sarah Lauren Harris and Katharina Abel flew to Ghana to work on the HITA projects. Before they left they gave some interviews at HITA Radio.

+++HITA Radio moved from Soundcloud to the new audioplatform at Hearthis+++

+++The Likes of the HITA-Facebooksite rise above 300+++

July 2014
+++The Ghanaian midwives leave Germany+++
On Juli 15th Afua Sarpong and Sandra Opuku are taking the plan on the Frankfurt Airport back to Ghana.

+++Last HITA-Workshop on July 14th in Frankfurt am Main+++

June 2014
+++First HITA-Radio show on Air+++
On June 3rd the first HITA-Radio show is running on air at Radio X, a local radio station in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. There is as well an arcticle in the online magazine MyUni.TV with the title “Ghanaischer Besuch” (translation: “Ghanaian visit”)about the radio show and the new audio platform.

May 2014
+++HITA-Radio audioplatform is online+++
The new audioplatform at soundcloud offers interviews and speeches of participants of HITA and the midwives-project.

+++The Likes of HITA-Facebooksite rise above 200+++

April 2014
+++HITA auf MYUNI.TV+++
The online magazine MyUni.TV publishes on April 5th an aricle about HITA e.V. with the title “Helfen will gelernt sein” (translation: “You have to learn how to help”). On April 29th there was another article published about the midwives project veröffentlich.

February 2014
+++100 Likes on Facebook. HITA gets more and more famous+++
We are proud that our work meanwhile is noticed in Germany as well. We are really thankfull, that people recognize our effort and our ideas. Thank you very much as well for the donations and the help. This is really important for us to be able to keep on working.

+++Update ASA-Projects!+++
At the moment we are very busy in organizing our two ASA-projects. Like you know it already, we have been successfull with two of our project-applications. In March two midwives from Ghana will come to Germany to study at our facilities. After this first period two participants from Germany will go in a second period to Ghana in exchange. Together with the Ghanaian midwives they will work on the E- and M-Learning platform.


November 2013
+++ ASA South-North project proposal successful! +++
Hita e.V. South-North project proposal “Media for Midwife Eduaction” in Ghana and Germany has been accepted by the selection committee! This project will be included in the ASA Program 2014. The project proposal was supported by our two midwifery experts Joanna Münker and Peter Wolf.

+++New HITA e.V. Homepage+++
Finally! It is done. Here it is: our new homepage. We have literally tilled but finally finished the job: our new homepage is ready and we have to admit, yes, we are a bit proud of it. We would like to ask you for your comments and critics. We look forward to an intensive information exchange!

October 2013
+++ “4Ts – Train the Tutor und Teacher” project proposal successful! +++
The project has been accepted by the selection committee! This project will be included in the ASA Program 2014. The project proposal was supported by our two experts Nushin Isabelle Yazdani and Anna Varnai.

September 2013
+++Executive Board re-elected+++
The previous board members Corinna Hartmann, Hildegard Mackert and Thomas Erkert were confirmed for two more years in charge.

+++Continuity with the auditors+++
Our auditor Michael Musick also agreed to pursue this important task again for another 2 years. For this we are especially grateful, since Bernhard Fischer was could not continue his task because of professional reasons. e. Thank you Bernhard for your help over the last two years. As new auditor Jörg Lesch was elected.