German ASA participants on the way to Ghana

Katharina Abel,  Manuela Bauer, Sarah Lauren Harris and Franziska Manthey, our four ASA volunteers, are travelling today to Ghana to do their project work there the next three months. Franziska and Manuela stay the first two weeks in Accra to do an internship at Korle Bu University Hospital. Franzsiska as a midwife in the Midwifery ward and Manuela as a nurse in the emergency/surgery ward. After that, they are going to Tepa and will stay there for 4 weeks. From there on they should go for about one week to Kintampo to meet Sarah and Katharina there and from there on to other schools. The last two weeks, they should then be back in Tepa again. They will work together with Afua and Sandra, their midwives colleagues, with whom they already worked together in Germany.

Sarah Lauren Harris and Katharina Abel are our experts for the Kintampo Rural Health Training School. They are both experts in E-Learning and will develop E-Learning modules based on the needs of teachers and students at Kintampo. They are both also interested in mental issues. This was one reason to place them in Kintampo. Their task is to develop teaching modules and to test them in different school environments – again in rural and more urban areas. Sarah wants to write her thesis in Public Health and for her parctical study year she will even stay for another 4-6 month in Ghana after she has finished the internship and will work together with HITA on projects.

Before the 4 project participants left for the journey they gave an interview to. You can listen to the  streams on our audioplatform HITA Radio.

Leaving of the Ghanaian Midwives

On Tuesday 15th the two Ghanaian midwives Afua Sarpong and Sandra Opuku left Germany on the airport in Frankfurt after the three month exchange programm. The first part of the HITA program is finished now. It´s called the “Nordphase” (=northperiod). In the second part, called the “Südphase ” (=southperiod) the midwive Franziska Manthey and the nurse Manuela Bauer will go to Ghana for three month to work with their Ghanaian colleagues on the development of the e-learning-platform and as well to learn and experience how the work is going on there in Ghana. On our audioplattform on Soundcloud we will upload final interviews we took with the midwives before they left.